Intuitive Coaching

In-Person Energy Healing Session

Custom-made Meditation

May Include Card Reading


You are not to blame for not knowing how to move through your present situation.

It’s not your fault that you’re stuck.

Most of us stumble through life trying to figure out what is the ‘right’ thing to do. Many of us become people-pleasers.

Myself included.

Simply because we have big hearts and we want to be helpful. Problems arise when we focus on the needs of others, instead of our own. Our dreams and desires end up in the back seat of the journey.

Is that what you want?

There can be many reasons we choose to focus on the needs of others’ rather than our own and we usually aren’t compelled to do anything about it until we reach a painful point in our lives. It’s how we wake up and become more conscious. It can be painful but you don’t have to do it alone.

There is guidance all around us, all the time, 24/7. Deep within, you know what you need to live the life of your dreams. And it may not be so deep within. Perhaps you’ve been practicing getting to know your Soulsong for awhile. Regardless, when we come to those moments when we are wondering what to do, where to focus our energies, what decisions to make or not make…should I take the job, what is the best thing for me to do right now, should I leave the relationship, am I being reasonable or unrealistic? …it can feel like we “don’t know”. It can feel pretty awful at times, like you’re hanging in limbo, waiting for life to happen. Waiting for some kind of shift. Feeling totally powerless.

Yet, and I’m so excited to share what I know, there is a part of you that DOES know. The part of you that does know is your Soulsong.

Everybody has their own frequency, a Soulsong, and it is important for us to bring our Soulsong through, and it is what I aim to do when I practice my intuitive arts – to help my client bring their Soulsong through.

I help this happen with love, with my own frequency. When you choose to have a treatment with me, it is of utmost importance that you are comfortable and feel safe. Feeling comfortable and safe will enable you to open up to receive Divine guidance. It paves the way for a clear channel.

A Meeting of the Soulsongs

Once you are comfortable and feeling safe, I tune into my own Soulsong with the help of my guides. Once my connection is established, I then tune into YOUR Soulsong. Your Soulsong will begin to resonate with mine, much like how a tuning fork works. It is a very healing and relaxing experience.

The name of my guide is known collectively as Sophia-Zoe. Zoe was Sophia’s daughter. Sophie is Wisdom and Zoe is Life. Together they guide me in connecting with your Soulsong. Your Soulsong is your source of knowing. We each have a Soulsong, but with the hectic pace of modern living, and demands that seem to pop up out of nowhere, we build defenses for self-preservation and, unfortunately, we block off access to our Soulsong, the very thing that can help us return to a life of love. It’s this blocked off access we are on a mission to dismantle.

As the person receiving the Soulsong “tune-up”, you may or may not consciously perceive the subtle changes. You may just feel relaxed at the end of the session, or you may have felt some wonderful sensations. It is different for everyone, because everyone is on their individual path. Trust and know, even if you think you felt nothing, changes are happening on a vibrational level. You may not become aware of the effects, or you may.

Intuitive Coaching and What to Expect

You can go through life not knowing, struggling with issue after issue, feeling powerless and/or hopeless.


You can connect with your Soulsong, understand yourself better and take real action toward living the life full of love and beauty that you were meant to live.

You can continue to pretend you don’t know. You can pretend to not take responsibility for your life. You can continue to be at the mercy of circumstances that arise, seemingly unprovoked and unplanned.

(We are in total choice here on Earth. No judgement.)


You can connect with your inner wisdom, your knowing, your Divine connection learn to give your gifts and blessings fully to the world in the way that only you were born to do.

This is our coaching work together.

Here’s what I want you to know:

We each have our own unique Soulsong. We have also been given the responsibility to bring that unique Soulsong through us and into the world. If you’re ready to be more fully you and live in alignment with your one and only (and oh, so beautiful!) Soulsong, I invite you to connect with me.

I have a variety of packages available. Please take the time to choose which one resonates best for you.

Intuitive Coaching

  • We meet once, in-person, for approximately one and a half hours
  • We’ll have a brief discussion about your current situation or issue
  • You’ll receive an energy healing followed by intuitive coaching
  • A custom-made guided meditation will be emailed to you following our time together
  • Investment – $150 Cdn.

We meet in person so that we may both honour our Soulsongs by providing time and sacred space to create a healing relationship to do the work required.

Card Readings and Custom Guided Meditations

  • We connect over email and clarify your current situation or issue
  • You’ll receive an mp4 recording of your card reading and/or guided meditation
  • Investment:
    • Card reading and meditation – $80 Cdn
    • Card reading alone – $60 Cdn
    • Guided meditation alone – $30 Cdn

I offer these different levels of investment so that you can receive guidance regardless of your current circumstances. Connecting with, and opening up to, your Soulsong will give you greater access to the Divine Guidance all around us, all the time. You’ll be opening up the tap just a little with a smaller investment, and this may be just perfect for your needs right now.

I am here to serve and to do all I can to help humanity move forward.

To order a session with me, please check out my Services page.


Meet Maggie…



I love to share from the heart. I have been intuitive and empathic from a very young age. I recall energy experiences since I was about four years of age, and have had many dreams and clairvoyant visions. Once I understood at a very young age that I could ask for help from my guides, I have felt protected. In times of worry or trouble my guides have always found a way to show me what to do.